Friday, July 24, 2009

Data analysis

Finally I've finished analysing my data. Here is the link to Google docs (the formatting has been thrown off a little though)

Six questionnaires were handed out and completed by the Certificate in Global Travel students by our programme administrator on June 22nd after students attended the last assessment for their programme (therefore providing a 100% response rate).

The purpose of the questionnaire was to assess the effectiveness of the current UCOL online resources used for the Tourism and Travel “Destination” unit standards as part of the Certificate in Global Travel Level 4, and to identify areas for improvement.
The questionnaire helped gain an insight into what the students found useful and appropriate for their on line learning. However the focus group generated much more beneficial discussion about the usefulness, appropriateness and ability of online resources to help in students learning and information retention. Students were receptive to using new technologies and had many practical and constructive comments to be taken into consideration when planning and implementing the new on line resources to be developed for introduction in 2010.
So once Bronwyn (or anyone else) has given me feedback on this, I can get onto the final report! Phew, this has been a hard uphill struggle for me!

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Joy said...

Hi Elaine,

I found it's really hard to group and summarize the feedback, just too much to look at and I am still working on it:-(

Happy to see that you've done an excellent job on ur summary. It's so clear and all the feedback is clearly put into different categories. And I read ur questions and found the summary also greatly benefit from your well organised questions. Good job :-)

Yr summary answers the guideline questions and I am thinking maybe made an brief conclusion based on ur guideline questions will help?