Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last post for Evaluation for Best Practice paper

Well I've done it - I passed!!!

Thanks to Bronwyn for being so understanding while I struggled to catch up constantly these past few months, but I made it in the end.

On reflection I found that although I cannot say I enjoyed the study, I actually did like analysing the final evaluation of the data and producing the final report.

I got some really useful data from my study and hope to implement this both for my final paper - the PROJECT - and also furthering on from that in future online resource development in the Tourism and Travel area at UCOL.

The last paper of my qualification is not blog based, so I probably won't be posting much here at least for the rest of the year, but may do an odd posting if I get time.

Onwards and upwards...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Final Report - Assignment 4

I think I've done it! Has taken me so much longer than I had hoped but here is the final report for my evaluation. The link to Google docs is below

I can't say I have really enjoyed this one, I don't like being on the back foot all the time, and seemed to struggle to catch up continually...

Will put my final thoughts on this evaluation process soon.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Feedback on Data Analysis

Hi all
The link below takes you to Bron's feedback for my data analysis. I have taken her comments on board and will adjust the final report accordingly. (I had already done some of what she said already as I've already started doing the final plan, but will change some other parts for Assignment 4.

Thanks also to Joy for giving me great feedback too.

Friday, July 24, 2009

No idea why but my lovely tables and graphs are not in the Google doc version below...

Have emailed Bronwyn my original document, it looks so much nicer when formatted in its original form.

Data analysis

Finally I've finished analysing my data. Here is the link to Google docs (the formatting has been thrown off a little though)

Six questionnaires were handed out and completed by the Certificate in Global Travel students by our programme administrator on June 22nd after students attended the last assessment for their programme (therefore providing a 100% response rate).

The purpose of the questionnaire was to assess the effectiveness of the current UCOL online resources used for the Tourism and Travel “Destination” unit standards as part of the Certificate in Global Travel Level 4, and to identify areas for improvement.
The questionnaire helped gain an insight into what the students found useful and appropriate for their on line learning. However the focus group generated much more beneficial discussion about the usefulness, appropriateness and ability of online resources to help in students learning and information retention. Students were receptive to using new technologies and had many practical and constructive comments to be taken into consideration when planning and implementing the new on line resources to be developed for introduction in 2010.
So once Bronwyn (or anyone else) has given me feedback on this, I can get onto the final report! Phew, this has been a hard uphill struggle for me!