Thursday, February 12, 2009

Elearning 2009!

So, I'm now enrolled in "Evaluations of eLearning for Best Practice" my fifth paper of the Graduate Certificate in Applied eLearning. (only one more to go...) Great to see Kay and Joy here, old classmates from 2008...

I'm a lecturer in tourism and travel consultancy at UCOL, a tertiary provider (polytechnic) in Palmerston North, New Zealand. I have been teaching here for 15 years (that is scary!) after doing my degree in Tourism and Hotel Management from the University of Ulster (I am originally from Northern Ireland). I have worked as a travel consultant, have run a Visitor Information Centre in N.Ireland and have also worked for the Northern Ireland Tourist Board as an intern. I became interested in eLearning as many of our students need to study National qualifications in tourism and travel but need to work as well. I wanted to see how I could meet their needs. I have developed programmes in Blackboard and am just playing with Moodle now, and look forward to developing my knowledge in that medium further.

Unfortunately the week before this course began I suffered some health problems and it turns out I have to have an operation this Thursday 12th March. I will be in hospital about 5 days but hope to catch up on the course while recuperating - with the laptop on my knee! I was all raring to go three weeks ago but have been off work since and to be honest study has been the last thing on my mind! So bear with me... I might be a week or two behind for a wee while, but I intend to catch up!

Sorry to have missed the Elluminate sessions so far, again I'll listen to them and try to join in later on once things settle down.

I hope to learn lots about evaluation and its importance in the eLearning field.

PS I began to write this post before all the medical drama, but today is 10th March even though the date at the top says Feburary!