Thursday, July 9, 2009

Draft Evaluation Plan (version 2)

What a month it has been! After being all enthusiastic at getting back into the paper I then hit the ultimate brick wall - marking! Seriously I have been marking solidly for 4 weeks now (albeit it with a 5 day break in between to Queenstown for a trip away with the students to mark the end of their course!) - yes I know - poor me!

Anyway I now am trying frantically to get back into it (again).

This is my second draft on Google docs of the Evaluation Plan after Bronwyn's comments and includes the appendices (the questionnaire and the Focus Group questions). Here's the link:

I have the results to analyse next... yes I know I'm so far behind!! I will get there eventually!


Michelle Childs said...

Hi Elaine
Sorry, I can't access the google docs link to your draft evaluation plan v2.

Joy said...

Hi Elainne,

I read ur draft plan. What a perfect plan! I choose to evaluate the effectiveness of current online course as well. I found ur questions are very good related to ur guidelines. Very interested to see how ur focus group work :-) Also a good idea to have a comment after the scaler questions. I should think about mine and maybe add comment to the questionaire as well :-)

Enjoy reading ur plan ^_*