Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Week 4 Evaluation Paradigms and Models

OK, so things did not go according to plan... the op took much more out of me than I ever expected, and I just did not have the motivation or inclination to get back into this. Thanks to those of you who sent me get well messages etc.

However now I'm back all guns blazing so I'm going to be doing a major catch up (thanks Bron for being so understanding!) I will be steadily behind for a long time, (probably for the whole remaining time on this paper) but am determined to get there! I have Kay to bolster me along thank goodness :-)

I'm afraid like Joy reading the Educations Paradigms article confused me considerably! I don't think my brain is quite ready for language like that!

But reading Bronwyn's article made things a little clearer. As I said in Week 3 I have to find a way towards an eLearning solution which will satisfy the need of our Industry Training Organisation that students will be expected to produce a project (the word portfolio is being used a lot I notice in recent newsletters).

I had idenitified ST 8: Rather than just recalling facts, does the course help the student digest, reflect on and review new learning? So how can I use eLearning to its best ability to make sure it satisifies the need for students to use reflective methods of learning? I also want to establish information based on SD 3: Do students gain knowledge relevant to employment and/or current thinking in their field?

I think that the Multiple methods evaluation model would be the best choice for me for this. I think I could use a questionnaire to ascertain what the students think about the learning in relation to their review of learning and its relevance to their future employment.

More on this as I catch up some more...

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